Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Next Wordz From Tha Underground

XYL Show Poster
Coming up this Thursday March 1 is the second installment in the Vancouver monthly hip hop night, 'Wordz From Tha Underground'! I am extremely stoked about this line-up, we got DJ Mint who does a madcap scratch routine, SVS Style Dance Crew a group of girls who do amazing choreographed dance, Keep 6 who always slay it live, Erthtonez who are pretty much the most entertaining and energetic live rap duo in the city and of course yours truly XYL with my DJ Tre Funk.

To see a map to the venue click here. Hope to see y'all there!

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Googleiscool said...

Yo dude! glad to see you are doing your thing - I'm and up and coming vancity rapper- Love to get on tour with you guys and just get some tips and advice from someone whos already doin it u know - mindstrength baby - pece

JB (June Beezy)
feel free to email me at soulja90@shaw.ca